Ways to Contribute

Give one time or become a monthly donor to support our future missions.

Community support is essential to help us achieve our mission goals. We thank our volunteers, sponsors, members, and donors for their charitable support that brings improved and sustainable healthcare to Vietnam. We are extremely grateful for any support you can give.

Partners and volunteers are vital to our mission.

For over 10 years, IHVN has connected Vietnamese medical professionals with the expertise they need to improve care and patients’ outcomes. Our ongoing partnership and collaboration with US based and Vietnamese medical nonprofit organizations with similar goals will strengthen our efforts to deliver assistance to the local healthcare system and patients in need. If you are a provider or organization that has skills or resources to share and would like to support us, please contact us at info.ihvn0322@gmail.com

How Your Contribution Helps

Your contribution helps sustain our continued efforts to bring quality healthcare to Vietnam.

Medical missions are a fundamental part of our organization’s work to sustainably promote excellence in healthcare in Vietnam. 98% of all contributions are used to support our medical missions and patients in need. Your support allows us to purchase medications and equipment needed by our medical teams and even provides some financial support for the care of individual patients in need.

Partners and Contributors

Our mission work in Vietnam would not be possible without the generous financial assistance, critical life saving devices, important medications, surgical equipment and supplies donations by our partners and contributors. Impact Health Vietnam is grateful for their continued support and generosity in bringing much needed donations to our local partners in Vietnam.